Measure and improve your agency with real-time data.

The Astonish Results ® insurance marketing and sales platform was built to help your agency drive growth in new opportunities, lead conversion, round-outs, retention, referrals, and team performance. However, you cannot manage what you do not measure. Reporting capabilities within the Virtual Profit Center enable your agency to manage your leads and your agency staff. This drives accountability and builds a clear sales culture that enables your CRM and sales software to help your agency succeed.

Mark Vitali

“We use the VPC to track all our employees for both sales and closing ratios. This will give us a much better idea of where to improve each employee performance. We also use the VPC to pay my entire personal lines staff bonus. The VPC is the main tracking system to measure performance in the Agency.”

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How Can the Astonish Results ® Platform Drive Growth in My Agency?

Using analytics to positively impact ROI and manage your agency, the Astonish Results ® platform allows your agency to utilize reporting tools such as:

  • Leads Breakdown: A breakdown of active lead data by demographics. Allows you to view when a lead was added to the VPC within the date range you customize.
  • Policy Report: A snapshot of your book of business –  including retention, round-outs, and new opportunities.
  • Time In Status Report: A responsive agency staff responds to opportunities quickly, which increases conversion rates. This report will track the average time a lead is in a certain status and enable your agency to increase conversion rates.
  • Productivity Report: A report that helps your agency identify areas for improvement or opportunity within your agency. This report measures and manages the effectiveness of your staff from a sales quoting and closing perspective.
  • Agent Activities: Hold your individual agents accountable for their performance by tracking system usage activities.
  • University Report: View a snapshot of the progress of courses taken in the Astonish Results ® University, per agent.
  • Email Tracking: Analyze the success of your agency’s email campaigns. View the click-through and open rate within the VPC of all of the emails you have sent out to prospects and clients.
  • Agency Scorecard: Assess the correlation between your agency’s activities and results. This report can show your agency analytics from your VIO and VPC. This includes: How many opportunities came in, forms, phone calls from your VIO website, unique visits and more.
  • Custom Reporting: Filter information from the VPC to create your own custom reports.
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No longer will your agency question where profit leaks are. Manage with clear objectives and have a sales culture with objectives in place that drive growth, proven by data specific to your agency.