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The local insurance industry is faced with increased pressure to compete in a market that embraces technology and sells to a better informed customer: The modern consumer. With most software companies, you receive the technology platform you purchased and are then left to figure out how to use the platform using clunky online tutorials and call center support.

At Astonish Results ®, we know it takes a true partner to maximize the results of an automation platform, which is why we are committed to giving you more support than the competition. Our insurance marketing and sales platform is supported with the insurance training and guided coaching your local agency needs to succeed – both with the platform and within the industry. At Astonish Results ®, we’ve honed in on a process that sets our clients up for success. Through our guided coaching process, our team works to drive maximum value to your agency.

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John Peakes
“They’ve improved our outdated referral reward program, and encouraged us to mention the program on every phone call. This simple change helped get the word out and increased referrals that led to sales.”

John PeakesJohn E. Peakes Insurance Agency

Dedicated Support Team

Dedicated Support Team

The support your agency needs to succeed as a sales organization and optimize team performance.

Your agency deserves support from someone who understands the unique roadblocks you might face in the industry, with our platform, and with servicing your customers. Your agency needs a team that will back you up and stand by your side to insure your success: We give you that.

Your client services team will work with you from day one, providing you with resources to make the most of the platform. Your team will work with you to provide insurance marketing and sales best practices, insurance industry-tested strategies, and stay on top of your success.

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Professional Services

Optimize your agency with industry-focused experts in sales, marketing, and automation.

With industry-focused training and educational pieces designed for every part of your agency, you will remain informed and optimized for success. Everyone – from your CEO to your most recently hired insurance professional- will feel empowered to be the best insurance agent they can be.

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