IBA: What Your Agency Needs To Know About Text Message Marketing

Mobile Marketing

According to Internet Trend Reports, people look at their phones 150 times per day, and despite the explosion of mobile social media apps, texting is still one of the most common uses for cellphones. A smart marketer will capitalize on that. Although SMS marketing – text message marketing –  is considered expensive, there are many budget-friendly solutions for companies of any size, and the ROI is often worth it. In this article in Insurance Business America Magazine,  learn the numbers behind SMS marketing success and practical tips for your agency if it wants to implement a new text message marketing…

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Insurance Journal: Why Facebook Is Still Relevant

Social Media Note

It’s no secret — and no surprise — that Facebook and other social media platforms have begun pushing businesses toward a paid advertising model. Although companies continue to rely heavily on organic reach, Facebook isn’t backing down. It fought back by reducing business Pages’ organic reach to around 6 percent. With all these changes, agencies may start to reconsider the viability of Facebook as a marketing platform, but it’s important not to make any hasty decisions. In this article in Insurance Journal, learn why Facebook still has value and how insurance agencies can use it effectively to engage customers. Learn…

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SMB CEO: Use LinkedIn To Expand Your Agency Reach

LinkedIn Home Screen

When you started your insurance agency, you probably set up a Facebook page. Maybe you even made a Twitter account. But did you create a LinkedIn profile? Many small businesses overlook LinkedIn when they’re developing their social media presence, but this platform has the potential to impact every area of your company from recruitment to sales. In this article in Small Business CEO, learn what sets LinkedIn apart in the social media realm, how to get started, and how small businesses like  your insurance agency can use LinkedIn to expand their reach. Learn how LinkedIn can benefit your agency, starting…

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Independent Agent: Agency Automation

Businessman drawing a plan showing marketing terms with a marker

Automation is no substitute for personal interaction between your team and your customers. Many customers are wary of automated messages, and they can be deemed a nuisance if you ignore customers’ individual needs. However, there are countless top-to-bottom benefits in automating certain aspects of your insurance agency. It frees up your team members to streamline their focus. It allows you to optimize sales and marketing and makes it easy to maintain relationships with your clients. In this article in Independent Agent Magazine, CEO John Boudreau will map the potential danger zones for automation and provide insight into how to maximize…

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Astonish VPC Undergoes Visual Update: Q2 System Release

VPC Opportunities

Focused on helping insurance agents follow-up on opportunities faster to increase productivity the new VPC homepage will help agents increase sales and save time. Astonish, the leader in insurance marketing and sales solutions for the local insurance industry, works to provide consistent updates to their technology as a result of customer feedback and changing industry needs. In an effort to increase sales and save time for the local agent, the Astonish Virtual Profit Center (VPC) has seen significant updates in June. The new “My Opportunities” homepage will bring to the forefront the important tasks agents need to spend their time…

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Astonish Drops Support For IE8

IE Logo

As of June 8, 2014, will no longer support Internet Explorer 8 (IE8). Although we are not the first company to go this route, particularly in light of recent usage and security trends, we wanted to share our rationale with our clients and colleagues. Microsoft no longer supports it as of April 2014. Technology and security have changed a lot since 2009 when it was released (5 years ago). Allows us to focus on more powerful & secure technologies. Increases speed of product releases to deliver high-quality products at a faster pace. Internet Explorer 8 usage has dropped to less…

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SCORE Magazine: How To Get Started On Google Plus

Social sharing on phone

It appears that Google is staging a relatively slow social media takeover. The platform received quite a bit of buzz when it was introduced, but after the buzz died down, it became a social media manager’s afterthought. However, SCORE believes that afterthought needs to become a priority in 2014 — it even included Google+ as one of its four social media directives for the year. This comes as no surprise. With the power of Google behind this particular social network, brands and influencers alike need to work on building their Google+ profiles and presence within the next year. In this…

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Business Tips: Why Should You Embrace Automated Marketing?

Businessman pressing virtual media type of buttons

If your insurance agency could reach a larger audience, build stronger customer relationships, and convert more leads, why wouldn’t you try? Automated marketing can improve many aspects of your agency operations, making you more profitable and efficient. On the other hand, failing to automate can place your agency at a serious disadvantage as automated software becomes standard across all industries. In the February 26, 2014 businesstips.com article 4 Reasons Your Business Should Embrace Automated Marketing, CEO John Boudreau discusses the benefits of automated marketing and gives tips for implementing automation at your company. Learn more about his top 4 reasons for…

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Techli: Tips For An Effective Mobile Strategy

Mobile Marketing

The marketing industry has dubbed 2014 “The Year of Mobile Marketing.” Just look at your co-workers, leaders, and friends on their smartphones. Your mobile marketing strategy needs to be top-notch to pull customers away from your competitors’ sites. Fortunately, an effective and successful mobile marketing strategy doesn’t have to cost millions of dollars — or hours — of work. By making your site mobile-friendly, investigating responsive design, or implementing text message marketing, you can elevate your strategy above the rest. How? Check out what CEO John Boudreau has to say in Techli. He offers tips such as: How to embrace…

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Under30CEO: Communicating Insurance Agency Community Service

Business people hold a globe

No business leader wants to appear self-righteous when communicating a company’s contributions to the community online. But informing the public of your company’s outreach efforts in an authentic and meaningful way will bring happiness to everyone involved. Online platforms can be powerful tools for engaging consumers and extending your message to a large audience if you know how to use them effectively. If your insurance agency is doing great things, you want to be sure you are sharing them with the public! In this Under30CEO article, CEO John Boudreau explains ways you can share your agency’s good deeds with the…

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