Under30CEO: Communicating Insurance Agency Community Service

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No business leader wants to appear self-righteous when communicating a company’s contributions to the community online. But informing the public of your company’s outreach efforts in an authentic and meaningful way will bring happiness to everyone involved. Online platforms can be powerful tools for engaging consumers and extending your message to a large audience if you know how to use them effectively. If your insurance agency is doing great things, you want to be sure you are sharing them with the public! In this Under30CEO article, CEO John Boudreau explains ways you can share your agency’s good deeds with the…

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SmallBizClub: Keep Your Blog From Becoming A Tabloid

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What’s one thing that makes a business blog successful? Relevancy. A great way to establish that is by throwing a few pop culture references into the mix. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to do that. Remember to stick to the topics you know, jump on the bandwagon at the right time, and, most of all, keep it classy. Even with pop culture references, a business blog still needs to serve its original purpose: providing insight into business. In this article from SmallBizClub, CEO John Boudreau shows your agency how to improve your business blog without making…

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Insurance Business America: Astonish Expands Offerings

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The local insurance industry faces continued pressure to embrace insurance technology. , the provider of the industry-specific insurance marketing and sales platform for the insurance industry, recognizes that… and aims to help. For the independent insurance agency, there is often great confusion with regards to new insurance technology. How important is it, and how can insurance agencies leverage it to grow their book of business? Over the last 5 years, has worked hard to provide a solution for the industry. The local insurance agency’s needs must be met with technology that empowers their growth. The modern consumer must be nurtured…

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Astonish Launches New Website To Better Serve The Industry

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Astonish is pleased to present their company’s new website. Astonish, the leading insurance marketing and sales platform, is continuing to make strides to improve their product and user experience. In an effort to meet their goal of empowering the local insurance agency, the Rhode Island based company has focused on their own transformation. Just as insurance marketing and sales strategies need to evolve, Astonish realized, so does their own strategy. As part of their continued transformation, Astonish has done several things – all culminating with the launch of their new website: www.astonish.com. With an increased pressure on the local insurance…

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SteamFeed: How To Find The Right Content Strategy

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If you still think short and sweet keywords are the trick to getting your online content noticed, think again. Head terms aren’t helping your content bubble to the top of search results; it’s time to try something different. Long-tail keywords are the best strategy for your blog for several reasons — lower competition, specific results, and more natural language are a few worth mentioning. In the February 23, 2014 publication of SteamFeed, CEO John Boudreau discusses the importance of keywords in your content marketing strategy. How can your agency enhance your current insurance marketing plan? In this article, Boudreau dives…

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New Astonish VPC Utilities Tools: Focal Point of Q1 System Release

Focused on data management, new VPC utilities tools allow users to identify and move contacts to appropriate categories in order to improve client retention and round out opportunities. , the leader in insurance marketing and sales solutions for local insurance agencies, consistently works hard to update their technology to best service the insurance industry. The platform, designed specifically to drive agency growth through technology, has added a new “Utilities Menu”. This new feature of the company’s Virtual Profit Center (VPC) allows insurance agents to better manage and categorize their clients, which ultimately helps them improve their book of business. The…

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Astonish Gives Back To The Community Using Insurance Marketing and Sales

When one of their own was found in need, it was the very strategies they preach that enabled the technology company to give back and help a co-worker , an organization that provides a powerful insurance marketing and sales platform built for insurance agency growth, has proven that, like in the insurance industry, relationships reign supreme in business. When a co-worker and her family lost everything in a house fire, it was about more than just the power of technology and social media to raise awareness and needed funds, but about how the company came together to help those in…

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What Is Customer Service In The Insurance Industry?

By Theresa Navarra As we enter 2014, one thing is for certain in the insurance industry: Change. You may find yourself wondering how you go here and where do you go from where you stand. While it certainly would be nice to be able to head to the home or business of every client that needed you to have a sit down discussion about their insurance needs, insurance service sales strategies simply do not allow for it any longer. What is customer service in the insurance industry then? In his latest publication, CEO and Founder, John Boudreau, takes some time…

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New Round-Out Center Feature Highlights Astonish’s Q4 System Update Release

Focused on mono-line client marketing, the Round-Out Center allows insurance agents to easily identify and contact these clients in order to efficiently increase policy premium. , the leader in insurance marketing and sales solutions for local insurance agencies, has added another feature to its platform to assist agents in rounding-out accounts with its latest system update release. The platform, designed specifically to help insurance agencies market to the online consumer, has added the “Round-Out Center” to its technology platform. This new feature of the company’s Virtual Profit Center (VPC) system allows insurance agents to easily identify and contact these clients…

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Astonish is the “World’s Greatest!…” in Insurance Marketing

We’re thrilled to announce the airing of a recent segment about on the “World’s Greatest!…” television show. After spending a day filming at our headquarters in , , the film crew from How2Media was able to get the story behind the story of our company. was selected as the best in the category of insurance marketing. Our segment on the 30 minute show highlights what makes tick – from our leaders to our mission to the product we provide to reviews from our clients. ” helped us understand how to take our business back and run it,” said one of…

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