Real Talk, Insurance Marketing Style: Editorial Calendars

In case you are not up on your Twitter lingo, #FTW is a popular hashtag meaning “for the win.” Now that you understand us, it is time to get down to business.

Each and every month we supply you all with insurance-related posts for the month—and of course a few fun ones thrown in between. We know that you appreciate these topics and we are so glad about it! This is the reason why we continue to do our research and share our findings! Now that you have all the topics at your disposal, it is time for you to learn to create an editorial calendar.

An editorial calendar is a GREAT way to keep track of what you are posting and when you are posting it. Having a topic planned beforehand makes the process and task THAT much easier to get through.

There are plenty of other benefits to setting up an editorial calendar. Allow us to share a few with you…

#1: Great for Teamwork. If you are sharing the task of blogging with others in the office, this is a good way to keep track of who is posting what and when—no duplicates and be sure to hold EVERYONE accountable!

#2: Supplemental Social Planning. Having planned blog topics ahead of time may allow you to plan your social in conjunction, too.

#3: Less thinking, more writing. A calendar will not only keep you on TRACK, but it will allow for you to easily begin writing a post the minute that you sit down to do so. Talk about efficiency!

Interested to see what an editorial calendar might end up looking like? Check it out!

This calendar is designed for those who are blogging at least once a week (dated for each Monday of the month.) If you are choosing to write more, simply add in more dates!

For those of you who are wondering, YES, the Insurance Bloggers use an editorial calendar—and you should be too! It only takes a few minutes to create an Excel spreadsheet on your computer. Once you have it created, share it with anyone else who is blogging and start adding topics! You may even want to sit and brainstorm in a quick meeting to fill it up quickly. Once you do, we assure you that blogging will seem much easier.

Good luck!