How To Use Social Media to Attract Your Audience

If your insurance agency has a strong marketing strategy, then you should be using SEO best practices as part of it. However, recent research reveals that soon, social media may drive more traffic to your website than search engines. So how can you take advantage of these potential changes?

First, you should make sure your insurance marketing strategy focuses more seriously on your social media efforts than ever before. A share from a fan shows how credible the information your agency is sending out. Although most people use traditional search engines such as Google to find what they need, social networks are gaining popularity as well under the same function.

So how does this relate to your website? You must learn what searchers are really looking for in relation to your products. Focus on broader engagement rather than always trying to drive an immediate sale. This means SEO and social media go hand in hand. Here are some tips to attract your audience to your website:

  • Always build a social media following that trusts your agency. This can allow for more click-throughs, which can help convert to sales.
  • Make sure the content you are producing on your website, such as your blog posts, is easily sharable on social media. In addition, the popularity of videos is something to take advantage of. You can create and upload unique videos to your website from YouTube and Vimeo, or even photographs from Flickr and Instagram. This gives your agency a new and engaging way to get your message across to your potential audience.
  • Hashtagging particular keywords in your social media messages can help keep your audience interested in your products. Make sure you are not over tagging and carefully choose which posts to tag.
  • Sharing links on social media is a great way to get people to visit your website. As you build your communities, posting links back to your website can show people exactly what you have to offer.

As social media activities heighten and change, remember to always stay updated on the latest trends. Learning to grow your following and master your community can help you cater to their needs. Doing so can help you modify your website to increase engagement and attract potential customers. Listening to your audience and transforming your insurance marketing strategy can build strong, lasting relationships!