How to Keep your Blogging Audience Coming Back for More

Do you ever have trouble keeping your audience interested in what you are posting on your blog?  This seems to be a problem for many writers, especially when the content is dry or highly statistical.  However, there is a way to keep your readers interested and captivated in what you are passionate about.

One of the key ways to keep your audience asking for more is by utilizing cliff hangers.  Traditionally, the cliffhanger is a striking event that happens at the end of a chapter or scene in a story.  It leaves doubt in the reader’s mind and forces them to come back to see what happens next.  In relationship to online content, you want each “scene” to lead your readers deeper and deeper into what you are discussing in your blog post.  You can also hook readers with interesting and thought provoking headlines.  No matter what business you’re in, the best story wins, and your story can be the one on top by putting this tip into action.

In order to bring about buzz for your business, you should know your audience, select your frame, and choose your premise.  In addition, in order to capture and stabilize your loyal fan base, this is done so at the end of your blog post.  A few include:

Call to action

This means what do you want someone to do?  Is it to buy something, call you, download a report, bookmark the post, leave a comment, or click a link?  Make it clear what you’d like to have happen.


Often times a great piece of writing is intended to make people think or feel a certain way.  Finding an artful way to leave things up to the reader is key.

If you are inspired when you write the post, your conclusion will many times work itself out based on the way you began.  Tie your conclusion back to your opening, but don’t spell everything out for the reader.  Rather, let the reader tell themselves the story.

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