UPDATE: Google Ends Authorship Feature

By Shawna Arnold In an unfortunate turn of events, Google announced yesterday that it has ended the Google Authorship feature and will no longer be showing it in their search results. For those who have been working hard to build up their credibility and reputation as a content publisher, this may seem like a huge blow to your efforts. However, don’t get discouraged! Having a reputation for being a consistent producer of high quality, relevant, and valuable content is never a bad thing, whether you have Authorship markup in the search results or not. Earlier in the month we posted…

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Building Customer Relationships: The Importance to Your Agency

Couple Meeting Consultant

By Kendra Borowick No matter what career path you choose, you build professional and personal relationships with your clients. Coming from an insurance background myself, I understand how important those relationships are. Not only am I finding common ground with people I haven’t met, I make sure I am branding myself and my agency. I want to be sure I made the right recommendations, but also an impression. So when you’re out to dinner with Jim and the topic of how his insurance premiums just went up, you can enthusiastically recommend your company. And so the cycle continues. Even though…

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User Experience: The “New” SEO Performance Factor

Website SEO and analytics icons

By Shawna Arnold User experience (UX) and the search engines, especially Google, have gone hand-in-hand for a long time. However, as more Google algorithm updates occur and spam tactics get eliminated, those in inbound marketing are being forced to look at quality metrics and strategies, rather than vanity metrics and quick fixes. While UX and search engine optimization (SEO) working together isn’t a new concept, it is a concept that is getting more attention as of late. Do you know if your insurance agency’s website is providing your customers and prospects with a positive user experience? How Do I Evaluate the…

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Five Questions to Ask Before Niche Marketing

Think Outside the Box - tic tac toe game

By Ron Mason Niche marketing in the insurance space can be somewhat tricky business. It can also be immensely profitable. Niche marketing generally allows agencies to enjoy deeper market penetration, stronger retention in the niche segment, a more predictable flow of referrals, and stronger rate negotiation leverage with carriers. Some agencies are fortunate enough to “fall into” a niche market. For most, however, developing this strategy requires significant planning and execution. Generally speaking, there are two ways to niche in the insurance industry, product and/or prospect. As the name implies, an agency pursues a product niche by developing extraordinary expertise…

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15 Seasonal Social Media Post Ideas For September

back to school

By: Allie Viau September: A time for cooler temperatures, new school years, and new social media post topics! To help you get started on filling out your agency’s social media calendar, we’ve put together some ideas for you to use and also to help get your wheels turning. Labor Day is on September 1st! Wish your followers a happy Labor Day and maybe share some interesting facts about the history of the holiday. #MotivationalMonday idea: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” –Wayne Gretzky. As many students in your area go off to college for the first time…

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Target Marketing: Branding Your Agency to “Gen Y”

Mobile Marketing

By Jenna Miedzionoski Marketing and branding have always been important aspects to “selling” a product or business idea. Since the rise of technology in the last 20 years, businesses are finding it more competitive and difficult to reach their targeted consumer.  We have reached a time where social media, email marketing, text message marketing ,and even Instagram are tools for attracting consumers. One challenge that the insurance industry is facing today is how to effectively market, capture, and retain the millennial generation for their book of business. The average age of most insurance agents’ P+C book is between 55 to 70…

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Email Marketing – Tips and Best Practices for Insurance Agents

At sign

By Sarah Kundel When done correctly, email marketing can be extremely effective in the insurance industry. With very little effort, you can easily keep in touch with your agency’s current clients or prospects through email. According to the Direct Marketing Association’s 2012 Response Rate Report, the average Return on Investment (ROI) for email marketing is $28.50 in Sales for every $1.00 spent, which is much higher than direct mail at only $7.00 in Sales for $1.00 spent. Before you can get started on an email marketing program, the first thing you’ll need is a targeted contact list. You want to…

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Community Involvement and Your Agency: Why It Matters


By Jenna Miedzionoski When you think of community engagement, one tends to think of donating money or helping out at the local soup kitchen. Small businesses today are taking advantage of the benefits that come with community engagement. You may have come across the little league team whose uniforms have a local business name branded across the front, or witnessed a corporate team participating in a 5k road race. Businesses are not only participating for philanthropic reasons, but have found growth and more dedicated customers from doing so. As an insurance agency, you have a great opportunity to be involved…

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Is Google Authorship Still Important?

Google Authorship Search Results Snippet

By Shawna Arnold In the past month, there have been some changes involving Google Authorship that might have you questioning if using the feature is worth your time and effort anymore. Don’t toss out your hopes and dreams of being a quality content creator just yet; there is still good reason to continue with your authorship. But first, you should understand what has changed and why. Where Did My Author Photo Go? On June 25, John Mueller, an analyst at Google, announced that the search engine was doing work to “clean up” the visuals of search results. The major part…

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Back To “Blogging School”: 10 Topics For September

home with fall trees behind it

By: Allie Viau The summer is winding down, kids are going back to school, and it’s time to fill up your September blogging calendar. To make it as easy as possible for you, here are 10 blog topic ideas that can get you started and hopefully help you brainstorm even more topics on your own! Autumn brings cooler temperatures and changes in weather. Write a blog sharing steps that homeowners should follow in order to prepare their home for the fall, and which home maintenance tasks should be done before the colder weather comes. This information is also helpful to…

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