Insurance Agency Sales Funnel Management: Infographic

Sales Funnel Infographic

By Theresa Navarra There is one very simple definition of a sales pipeline: a systematic approach to selling a product or service over a time frame. However, that simple definition comes with many different understandings of what a sales pipeline actually entails. Depending on the product or service, each sales team may have a different approach. Additionally, digital media and online marketing have made it necessary for marketers and sales teams to alter their sales strategy. What does your insurance agency consider to be the pieces of its sales pipeline? And if you do have a solid idea, what marketing…

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No Need For A May Day Cry: We’ve Got Your Blogging Topics!

May 2014 Calendar

By Coburn Childs Before you know it, May will be upon us. Once again, you’ve got to get your editorial blogging calendar squared away! As always, we’re here to provide you with 10 great tips for blog topics. Get to writing, modifying, and sharing these ideas! May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. This can be a great time to write a post about sun safety and the importance of sunscreen, not to mention raise awareness about the deadly effects of skin cancer. May is also National Salad Month. One of the yummiest blog ideas we have this month is for…

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Under30CEO: Communicating Insurance Agency Community Service

Business people hold a globe

No business leader wants to appear self-righteous when communicating a company’s contributions to the community online. But informing the public of your company’s outreach efforts in an authentic and meaningful way will bring happiness to everyone involved. Online platforms can be powerful tools for engaging consumers and extending your message to a large audience if you know how to use them effectively. If your insurance agency is doing great things, you want to be sure you are sharing them with the public! In this Under30CEO article, CEO John Boudreau explains ways you can share your agency’s good deeds with the…

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SEO: How Poor Grammar Can Hurt Your Performance

SEO and grammar

By Allie Viau What kind of message is your agency sending to prospects and customers? To search engines? If your message contains typographical or grammatical errors, chances are it’s hurting your business more than you think. The presence of even minor spelling or grammar mistakes can result in negative consequences for your business’ brand reputation, search engine optimization (SEO), and in turn, your bottom line. You may be asking yourself questions like “Why is it so important to use proper grammar online?”, and “Aren’t things like spelling and grammar not important to internet users?”. The truth is that when your…

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Social Media Motivation for May

social media post it

By Coburn Childs Looking for some relevant topics for the month of May? Your social media strategy across your various networks can always use a few tips, right? Well, we have you covered. Read on for 15 fun, timely ideas for how to make your social media pages pop this May! Motivational Monday: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” – Albert Einstein The month of May is Clean Air Month. Encourage awareness of how everyone can do their part with more recycling and limiting pollution. Motorcycle Safety Month may be celebrated in May, but you can remind everyone of the…

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Twitter Advertising Best Practices: Targeting Insurance Leads

Promoted Account

By Hannah Beacham If you are looking for ways to make an impact on social media through advertising, a great option may be the use of Twitter advertising. Twitter’s promoted tools can help your insurance agency get your message directly to your audience via social media. According to many industry sources 34% of marketers have generated leads using Twitter, and in conjunction with brand awareness it can be an incredibly influential tool. When it comes to your insurance marketing strategy, while many of you may have dabbled in Facebook advertising, Twitter advertising can be just as simple and effective. Types…

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Social Media News: Twitter Redesign Revealed

Twitter Redesign Profile

By Theresa Navarra With 243 million active monthly users, it must be hard to be Twitter. Think about how tough it has got to be to make 243 million people happy. Today, the social media network took a bold step in the right direction with their visually stimulating update. Have you seen the new Twitter redesign? In the last several weeks, Facebook and LinkedIn have made changes to their platforms. However, those updates have been primarily about functionality. The social networks focused on how to enhance their offerings for businesses and their support for advertisement, reach, and engagement when it…

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How to Share Social Media Images for Marketing Success

ideas for blogging

By Coburn Childs Did you know that between 65% and 85% of people describe themselves as “visual learners,” engaging more with what they see than what they read? And with our “meme-based culture”—with millions of people eager to upload and share images with their followers and friends across various social media outlets—this statistic should not be surprising. Social media images, pictures, and memes are a growing trend – and the marketing success of your agency or small business could just depend on how you utilize images on Facebook, Twitter, or multiple other platforms. Here are some tips for what types…

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SmallBizClub: Keep Your Blog From Becoming A Tabloid

White laptop and coffee cup

What’s one thing that makes a business blog successful? Relevancy. A great way to establish that is by throwing a few pop culture references into the mix. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to do that. Remember to stick to the topics you know, jump on the bandwagon at the right time, and, most of all, keep it classy. Even with pop culture references, a business blog still needs to serve its original purpose: providing insight into business. In this article from SmallBizClub, CEO John Boudreau shows your agency how to improve your business blog without making…

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How To Develop A Niche Insurance Marketing Strategy

Target your customers business

By Russell DiOrio The local insurance agent is under incredible attack by many forces, including aggressive direct carriers and marketing savvy agency competitors. Look at most agency websites and you will find very similar approaches to standard insurance buckets: home, auto, business, health, etc. So, how can you attract new customers while increasing revenue from your current book of business? The answer lies in creating a customized niche market. Why Focus On Developing Niche Markets? Consider these reasons: According to Insurance Journal, niche markets provide higher than average profit margins because of built-in efficiencies. Niche markets allow you to differentiate…

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