A Little Email Etiquette Goes a Long Way

Hand with pen writing thank you.

By Mallory Moretti Email: it’s one of the most commonly used forms of communication today, with messages being sent and arriving in inboxes at rapid rates. So, how’s your email etiquette? Do you always keep your digital manners in check? As commonplace as it may be to some, there are those behind their keyboards who simply rattle off anything that comes into their minds, without thinking about manners. If you want to make sure that the person on the other end isn’t offended or put off by your last email, here are some great tips on how to brush up…

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Completing a Website Audit, Part 1: Meta Data & Content

3d person holding a magnifying glass over the word audit

By Shawna Arnold If you’re constantly looking for ways to improve your agency’s website and the user experience it provides (and you should be), then a website audit is a great place to start. In this three-part series, we’ll explore the main areas of your website strategy that you should evaluate and improve, starting with meta data and content. What is Meta Data? Meta data (or meta tags), are particular html elements on your website that tell Google and the other search engines, as well as your audience, what your website pages are about. Meta data serves as a way…

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Wrapping Up the Holidays with these December Social Media Topics

Christmas bauble on blue defocused lights background

By Davis VanOpdorp December is the month packed the tightest with holidays and celebrations, almost as if the universe is trying to save the best for last. To help get you into the winter spirit, Astonish would like to share with you these December social topics: The joy and merriment that comes with Christmas and other holidays is balanced with the stress of present shopping. Start a dialogue with your audience on what last-minute gifts to buy. On the topic of gifts, December is Safe Toys and Gifts Month. Make your audience aware of Consumer Product Safety Commission regulations for…

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Your Agency Marketing Strategy: 6 Areas to Focus (Part 3)

Marketing tactics in bubbles

By Kyle McKendall What have you done this month to improve your agency’s marketing strategy? Oftentimes agency owners think that marketing is static, hoping that they can launch a campaign, set up a Facebook page, or blast out an email without the need to return to the creative drawing board. If your goals are to stay engaged with your clients and attract new business, you have to adapt to changes in technology, advertising channels, and consumer interests. In this last post of our agency marketing strategy series, we explore two additional areas of focus when building your own strategy. 1.…

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How to Increase Lead Conversion to Sales

Sales funnel with figures flowing through

By Mark Wolf This is the fourth installment of a series discussing several aspects of the desired and coveted: the almighty lead… the medicine for what ails you…the panacea of agencies across the nation. But, I digress. The beginning of the series on leads shared some startling statistics, while the second part pointed out what really counts as a lead because there are a lot of leads hiding in plain sight. The third installment covered lead generation through Inbound Marketing. And now, part four, will talk about some best practices of what to actually do with a lead when you finally have one. I…

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Your Agency Marketing Strategy: 6 Areas to Focus (Part 2)

People together representing teamwork

By Kyle McKendall Large captive insurance companies are spending hundreds of millions of dollars annually on advertising. According to the Ad Age DataCenter, Geico alone spent $921 million in measured-media in 2012. Captive’s are sponsoring NFL football stadiums, launching apps for smartphones, and even publishing magazines that promote their insurance offerings in an indirect way. They have marketing departments whose focus is on building brand awareness and increasing sales. As an insurance agency owner, this is scary. We know this. While your agency is not able to invest millions of dollars into a marketing strategy, there are things you can…

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Ho-Ho-How About These Blog Topics for December?

Red ornament on a white tree

By Davis VanOpdorp ‘Tis the season to blog about the holidays, the snow, and all the insurance ramifications of December. Check out these blog topics to help your audience prepare for the fast-approaching holiday season: Many people are going to be doing their holiday shopping in December, and a large percentage of them are going to procrastinate on their gift buying. Give them some great last-minute gift ideas and where to find them. Also make them aware of insurance implications of expensive gifts. On the topic of gifts, December is also Safe Toys and Gifts Month. Make your audience aware…

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Selling to Customers in Unconventional Ways

Customer care concept

By Jenna Miedzionoski In sports, and in any competitive environment, the teams that step out of their comfort zones by trying new tactics to achieve their goals are the ones who end up winning. Fear of failure prevents many companies from trying new or unconventional ways of selling or growing their business. Some companies may fear losing money or wasting time, or they are comfortable with their stagnant sale process because it is consistent. The days of solely relying on cold calling, billboards, and post cards for sales have come to an end. Below are some unconventional approaches to building a better…

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Google My Business for Your Agency

Example of a Google My Business page

By Shawna Arnold For agencies who have been active on Google Plus Local (formerly Google Places), the experience of managing both local listings and a Google Plus social presence has been less than ideal. Thankfully, Google has finally solved this organizational nightmare with their united platform, Google My Business. What is Google My Business? Google My Business is Google’s new business listings offering. This new platform unites all of the different Google services for small businesses and provides one outlet to send your agency’s information to search, Google Maps, and Google Plus. For bigger agencies with over 10 locations, Google…

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4 Powerful Ways to Increase Leads through Inbound Marketing

Dart board containing leads, prospects, and customers

By Mark Wolf This is Part 3 in a series focusing on leads for insurance agencies. As I have talked with hundreds of agency owners about this very topic, generating more leads seems to be the number one desire of agents. However, I have found that in most agencies, there are numerous overlooked strategies regarding leads. So this blog series aims to address some of the gaps. Part 1, found here, was an introduction with some alarming statistics. Part 2, found here, dealt with what counts as a lead. It turns out that many agents are missing out on some…

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