Target Marketing: Branding Your Agency to “Gen Y”

Mobile Marketing

By Jenna Miedzionoski Marketing and branding have always been important aspects to “selling” a product or business idea. Since the rise of technology in the last 20 years, businesses are finding it more competitive and difficult to reach their targeted consumer.  We have reached a time where social media, email marketing, text message marketing ,and even Instagram are tools for attracting consumers. One challenge that the insurance industry is facing today is how to effectively market, capture, and retain the millennial generation for their book of business. The average age of most insurance agents’ P+C book is between 55 to 70…

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Email Marketing – Tips and Best Practices for Insurance Agents

At sign

By Sarah Kundel When done correctly, email marketing can be extremely effective in the insurance industry. With very little effort, you can easily keep in touch with your agency’s current clients or prospects through email. According to the Direct Marketing Association’s 2012 Response Rate Report, the average Return on Investment (ROI) for email marketing is $28.50 in Sales for every $1.00 spent, which is much higher than direct mail at only $7.00 in Sales for $1.00 spent. Before you can get started on an email marketing program, the first thing you’ll need is a targeted contact list. You want to…

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Community Involvement and Your Agency: Why It Matters


By Jenna Miedzionoski When you think of community engagement, one tends to think of donating money or helping out at the local soup kitchen. Small businesses today are taking advantage of the benefits that come with community engagement. You may have come across the little league team whose uniforms have a local business name branded across the front, or witnessed a corporate team participating in a 5k road race. Businesses are not only participating for philanthropic reasons, but have found growth and more dedicated customers from doing so. As an insurance agency, you have a great opportunity to be involved…

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Is Google Authorship Still Important?

Google Authorship Search Results Snippet

By Shawna Arnold In the past month, there have been some changes involving Google Authorship that might have you questioning if using the feature is worth your time and effort anymore. Don’t toss out your hopes and dreams of being a quality content creator just yet; there is still good reason to continue with your authorship. But first, you should understand what has changed and why. Where Did My Author Photo Go? On June 25, John Mueller, an analyst at Google, announced that the search engine was doing work to “clean up” the visuals of search results. The major part…

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Back To “Blogging School”: 10 Topics For September

home with fall trees behind it

By: Allie Viau The summer is winding down, kids are going back to school, and it’s time to fill up your September blogging calendar. To make it as easy as possible for you, here are 10 blog topic ideas that can get you started and hopefully help you brainstorm even more topics on your own! Autumn brings cooler temperatures and changes in weather. Write a blog sharing steps that homeowners should follow in order to prepare their home for the fall, and which home maintenance tasks should be done before the colder weather comes. This information is also helpful to…

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Refresh Your Employee Performance Review Process

signing document

By Rob Washburn As a business owner, it is imperative to have an employee evaluation to measure your employees’ overall performance in your agency. In today’s world, more and more companies are focusing on performance management. Businesses are now required to become more efficient, execute better business strategies, and accomplish more tasks with fewer employees in order to remain competitive. Reviews should be conducted at all levels within your organization, from your managers to your customer service representatives. An employee performance review is a great way to motivate your staff, identify training needs, gauge an employee’s professional development, and measure…

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Case Study: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

Case Study

By Ron Mason Is your insurance agency attracting and engaging the right customers or do you find that your agents are fighting over the “best” leads? Increased competition in the insurance industry has bred increased competition internally at many agencies. And when one agency realized that their current system did not allow for the right way to attract and nurture the right leads, they sought out a new way to grow revenue. In the following case study, Astonish talks to Dickerson Insurance Agency about the issues their family-run agency faced, why they sought out the Astonish marketing and sales platform,…

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Ensure Your Agency’s Success With Google Local Results


By Jake Bissaro If you have any kind of small business, getting a noticeable position on the results page can be all but impossible. But Google’s local search results, which usually appear after the first few regular/organic results, give local businesses a fighting chance by showing results that are based on your area. Google has very recently announced changes to how they generate their local search results, some of which have taken effect already. The search engine giant won’t actually go into detail about the specifics, but it could make it harder or easier for your business to get noticed in the…

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Insurance Sales Tips: How To Make A Sales Pitch “Generational”

Man talking with megaphone

  By Allie Viau You may think your agency has the best sales pitch and that it is effective no matter who your audience is. However, chances are that one single sales pitch won’t resonate well with a wide variety of people, particularly those in different generations. If your insurance agency is having a hard time selling to a certain age group, it’s time for you to learn how to make a sales pitch “generational”. This strategy involves understanding the differences between each generation of consumers so you can tailor your pitch accordingly for each prospect. By understanding what each…

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New Facebook Changes: Easier Options For Business Page Admins

changing user on facebook post

By: Allie Viau Picture this: As an admin of your insurance agency’s Business Page on Facebook, you shared a great image, article, or tip. Later that day, you see that post in your personal Facebook Newsfeed, and want to “like it” in order to help increase the reach of your post. However, when you click “like”, it says that your agency liked the post, not you! Don’t worry, we’ve all done it. For a while, it was not very easy for Facebook admins to choose which account they were liking, sharing, or commenting with. While this issue was easier to avoid…

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