Facebook Insights at a Glance

Thumbs up comprised of Facebook terminology

By Sarah Kundel Facebook is making it harder and harder for users to see your company page, unless you are taking advantage of their paid advertising options, so it’s more important than ever that you understand page Insights. Monitoring and utilizing your page Insights could help you increase your engagement and reach organically. Overview Section On the Overview section of your page Insights, you can easily view: The number of people who like your page Any new likes your page received during the week The total number of people who saw your posts during the week The total number of…

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You Don’t Have a Lead Generation Problem

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By Kyle McKendall You want more leads. That’s what the marketing and sales conversation always boils down to. It’s easy to get caught up in this mind-set, always asking where you can get new leads. Contrary to what you might think, the major problem in the insurance sales process isn’t the lack of leads, it’s the lack of knowledge around insurance stopping people from using your agency. When people don’t understand the industry, how premiums are decided, and what is or isn’t covered under their policy, the only messages they’ll hear are dealing with price. When all they know is…

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Ring in the New Year with January Blog Topics

Park with benches covered in snow

By Davis VanOpdorp Here we go, into another year on this silly little planet of ours. To ring in the New Year, Astonish would like to share some blog topics for January to help you get your blogs rolling: The New Year brings a fresh start for many, the main motivation behind New Year Resolutions. Share some tips on how to keep resolutions throughout the year, and suggest some insurance resolutions your readers should make. It might be cold in December, but January is the month that winter really kicks in. Recommend ways for readers to heat their homes beyond…

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Following Up and Winning Business: A True Numbers Game

Lead Funnel

By Jenna Miedzionoski In any business, following up with prospective clients is one of the most important tasks a sales person must do. Only 2% of sales are closed on the first meeting, according to research done by Robert Clay, the founder of Marketing Wiz. There may be many reasons most sales do not close on the first meeting. Lack of urgency to buy, price shopping, and knowledge are some variables that contribute to holding off. Insurance has become a competitive space for both agents and consumers. With numerous options and companies to choose from, agents must have a work…

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Completing a Website Audit, Part 2: Design & Usability

website layouts with the words design and usability

By Shawna Arnold As we discussed in part one of this series, working on ways to continuously improve your website and user experience is important for your agency. After you’ve evaluated the meta data and content of your website, the next step in completing a website audit is to look at your design elements and usability factors. Design & Technical Elements You may need the help of a web developer to truly judge what’s working and what isn’t. While you may not have built your website on your own, there are particular elements you should be aware of when evaluating…

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Be THE Motivator in Your Office

man with a megaphone

By Mallory Moretti Sometimes it takes a little extra effort and thinking to provide inspiration at your office. We all know sitting at a desk and talking on the phone, day in and day out, can be a little draining and repetitive. Whether you work in a small office or at a Fortune 500 Company, there are ways you can easily be THE go-to-guy to provide a little motivation to yourself and your peers. Make sure to remedy the situation and keep everyone engaged 100% of the time; just take note of these quick tips: Make staying positive your own…

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Link Building For Your Agency: Internal Linking (Pt. 2)

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By Jake Bissaro Last month, we discussed getting links from other sites as it relates your agency’s marketing and SEO strategy. But internal linking, linking within your site pages, can also help prove that you’re a legitimate source of information on the web. Adding links to your pages can give your readers a better context for what you’re talking about, and prove to them that you’re an authority on the subject. Here are some tips to enact an internal linking strategy and use it to your advantage: Link your landing pages together when appropriate. If, for example, your home insurance page…

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Traditional Marketing Isn’t Dead

strategy on wooden table with a coffee cup

By Kyle McKendall While social media has taken over the conversation these past few years, businesses have been trying to figure out how they can incorporate a digital strategy into their marketing plan since the mid 90’s. It all started in 1994, when HotWired brought us the first clickable banner ad, changing the way users looked at the internet and what it was capable of doing. Google was founded in 1998, Myspace, one of the first social networking sites, arrived on the scene shortly after, followed by Facebook. Thanks to the mobile smart-phone, tablets, and easier access to Internet, more…

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4 Ways to Increase the Effectiveness of Your Sales Efforts

Keyboard with Improve Efficiency Button

By Mark Wolf In my last blog, How to Increase Lead Conversion to Sales, I discussed the often unsung hero of generating revenue for your agency. It’s not necessarily more leads. Increasing efficiency and productivity in the agency is a necessity. Therefore, what many agencies actually need is much better lead conversion into sales, or a higher closing ratio. I shared a few strategies that we have found to work really well, but we need to take it a step further. Strategies and tactics are great, but for your closing ratio to really take off, leading to an increase in revenue,…

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A Little Email Etiquette Goes a Long Way

Hand with pen writing thank you.

By Mallory Moretti Email: it’s one of the most commonly used forms of communication today, with messages being sent and arriving in inboxes at rapid rates. So, how’s your email etiquette? Do you always keep your digital manners in check? As commonplace as it may be to some, there are those behind their keyboards who simply rattle off anything that comes into their minds, without thinking about manners. If you want to make sure that the person on the other end isn’t offended or put off by your last email, here are some great tips on how to brush up…

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