Make Going Viral Worth It

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By Mallory Moretti Ever get a really outstanding idea in your head and think to yourself, “I’m going to make this go viral!”? This is a common thought a lot of us have at one point or another, thinking it’s so easy to get something to go viral. But, how do you capitalize on those thoughts? Anyone who’s had success in making something go viral to spread awareness or recognition will tell you there are 3 key factors to really gaining traction under an idea and letting it take off. Those 3 starting points are: Coming up with a topic. Sure, you…

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Don’t Get Spooked! 10 Social Media Ideas For October

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By: Allie Viau Trying to plan out your social media calendar for October? We’ve put together a list of seasonal (and spooky!) post ideas to help you get started. Spend less time worrying about your agency’s social media activities and more time enjoying the many activities and traditions that October brings! Motivational Monday post idea: “Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Take the moment and make it perfect.” October is National Bake and Decorate Month. Does someone in your agency have a delicious recipe or dessert idea? Share it with your followers and ask them for their family’s favorites. To…

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What Great Football Teams & Great Insurance Marketing Have in Common

American football player celebrating score and victory.

It’s my favorite time of year: football season. Not this one or two goals a game silliness we saw in the World Cup (kidding, I actually like soccer). I’m talking about real football. And we are blessed with both the college and professional varieties that add so much color to fall weekends. Even a rookie football fan knows that great players don’t always make a great team. How the players work together is the greatest predictor of success. In a game where the goal is to score more points than the other guy, there are plenty of great analogies to…

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Insurance Search Seasonality: Mid-Year Check-In

Insurance Search Volume Mid-2014

By Shawna Arnold As discussed back in January, the search volume for insurance, as with all industries, ebbs and flows throughout the year. There is an element of seasonality that you must keep into account when you are analyzing your website data and determining the success of your inbound marketing strategies. Insurance search volume typically follows the same type of progression throughout the year. It ramps up toward the beginning of the year, has peaks and dips throughout the middle of the year, and then steadily declines through the end of the year. While it’s important to check on your…

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It’s Time To Go Trick-Or-Treating For Blog Topics


By: Allie Viau October is filled with ghost stories, witches, and other scary things; but planning your agency’s blog posts for the month doesn’t need to be scary! Let us come to the rescue with these seasonal blog topic ideas that can help your agency make the most of your blogging efforts this month. To prepare families in your community for a fun and safe Halloween, consider writing a blog or a blog series on Halloween safety precautions. For example, one blog can be about safe trick-or-treating tips, while another can offer tips for parents to follow about candy safety…

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Why Cross-Selling and Retention Correlate

customer retention

By Jenna Miedzionoski One commonality among most insurance agencies is “hitting the nail on the head” when it comes to retention. Many agencies will rely on loyal customers who renew based on their agent’s good customer service, convenience, and their relationship with that agent or agency over a period of time. As consumers continue to sing along to catchy slogans from the marketing efforts of carriers such as “save time and money in 15 minutes or less,” the local agent is at risk more than ever of their retention rates slipping away. A misconception for many agents is that having more…

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How to Breathe New Life Into Your Old Blog Posts

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By Jake Bissaro If you maintain a blog on your website, the following may be a familiar scenario: You think of a subject you think may be useful to your readers. You put hours and hours of work into writing a carefully-crafted blog post. But when you put it up on your site, it doesn’t get anywhere near the traffic you were hoping for. But before you write it off as a total loss, realize that there are ways that these old posts can benefit you. The great thing about blogging is that your posts can grow with you and…

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Hashtags – #FTW


By Mallory Moretti The hashtag – originally conceived as an online label maker just over 7 years ago. Today, you can’t help but see myriads of hashtags appear all across your social media sites. Chances are, when you see one plastered in a status update, it’s not for organizational purposes. Ever notice how social media users tend to overkill when it comes to hashtags? #100Happydays #Day15 #TBT #Memories #Lovinglife #Insurance #Howstupiddoilookwritinglongcontinuouspostslikethisone? Get the picture now? The language and purpose of the hashtag was something devised by Twitter in 2007 to label a conversation, tweet, or update with a certain theme. In…

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UPDATE: Google Ends Authorship Feature

By Shawna Arnold In an unfortunate turn of events, Google announced yesterday that it has ended the Google Authorship feature and will no longer be showing it in their search results. For those who have been working hard to build up their credibility and reputation as a content publisher, this may seem like a huge blow to your efforts. However, don’t get discouraged! Having a reputation for being a consistent producer of high quality, relevant, and valuable content is never a bad thing, whether you have Authorship markup in the search results or not. Earlier in the month we posted…

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Building Customer Relationships: The Importance to Your Agency

Couple Meeting Consultant

By Kendra Borowick No matter what career path you choose, you build professional and personal relationships with your clients. Coming from an insurance background myself, I understand how important those relationships are. Not only am I finding common ground with people I haven’t met, I make sure I am branding myself and my agency. I want to be sure I made the right recommendations, but also an impression. So when you’re out to dinner with Jim and the topic of how his insurance premiums just went up, you can enthusiastically recommend your company. And so the cycle continues. Even though…

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