4 Tips to Boost Participation in Your Referral Program

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By Mallory Moretti Did you know about 65% of new business generally originates from referral sources? Referral programs provide value to your agency from various vantage points – value as a way to set it apart from any competition and value to your customers as a way to continually provide them with exceptional service. If nobody knows about your referral program, then your customers can’t participate in it! Implementing some of the following tips can help generate some much-needed involvement to the program you’ve worked so hard at building. Proper placement/promotion of your program. Try utilizing a call to action…

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What is CRM & Why Do I Need It?

CRM Marketing word cloud

By Mark Wolf As I have traveled and spoken with many agency owners around the country, I am noticing a trend. More and more agencies are starting to understand that with the competitive pressures, they must embrace certain technologies to drive both efficiency and effectiveness in their dealings with prospects and current clients. They realize they must increase communication with customers, as well as prospects, at all points of the sales cycle. In a typical day, how do you prioritize who you talk with and how can you collect their data for the future? With all the demands of sales,…

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The March Social Topics You’ll Find at the End of the Rainbow

Green pot of gold.

By Davis VanOpdorp The changing seasons does not mean that your social effort should change! Use March to round out your quarter with a bang on social media. How? Check out these topics to get started. When it comes to St. Patrick’s Day, remind your audience of the ramifications of abusing alcohol, and how a DUI can affect your auto insurance. #WhipItUpWednesday idea: What are your favorite St. Patrick’s Day Recipes? Share one with your audience. Speaking of food, since March is National Nutrition Month, remind your audience the benefits of maintaining a healthy weight, and ways to do so.…

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How to be a Leader with Marketing

Chalkboard drawing of a man walking up a set of stairs

By Kyle McKendall Your team needs a leader – don’t ever forget that. In a business environment, there are constant pressures impacting each employee’s role. From the Customer Service Representative having to appease a disgruntled customer, to the person in charge of IT handling a server error, the average work day can quickly take a turn for the worst. On a macro level, your agency is being pushed and pulled in different directions, forcing you to question your current marketing strategy and operational procedures. When tensions are high, employees’ concerns are growing, and the agency’s sales are low, it’s increasingly…

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Say Top of the Mornin’ to these March Blog Topics

Scroll with a leprechaun hat and clovers

By Davis VanOpdorp March is where the weather starts to turn the corner and begins to heat up on its way to spring. Plant these topics into your blog so they can be in full bloom by the time your audience reads them! There might be a few remaining snowfalls that linger in March, but the third month of the year is when most of the snow melts. That is when flooding issues can occur, so make your audience aware of the steps they can take of the extra runoff from the melted snow. Once the spring season starts, so…

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Google and Twitter’s New Content Sharing Deal

Keyboard button with a Twitter bird likeness on it

By Jake Bissaro A recently-inked agreement will change the way most people see search engine results. From now on, Google will have access to the Twitter “firehose,” or the endless stream of data that comes from the site’s hundreds of millions of users. At some point this year, Tweets will be visible in Google’s search results pages. Why did these Internet giants decide to team up? Google’s social media platform, Google+, has not dominated the Internet as they had hoped, and they can now get access to a whole other world of real-time content. Twitter, who has seen its share…

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Show Customers Love Through Your Marketing Efforts

Hand writting love your customers

By Shawna Arnold Your agency should show appreciation to your customers all year long, not just because love is in the air for Valentine’s Day. After all, without your customers, how would your agency survive? Below are some ideas for how you can use your marketing efforts to show your personal and commercial lines customers love. Post Love on Your Blog For Valentine’s Day specifically, you can write a post about some local date night ideas. This post will not only help your target audience with suggestions for their big night, but it will also promote businesses (and maybe even…

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Are You Easy to Do Business With? 4 Ways You Can Be

Clients shaking hands with a businessman

By Mark Wolf My high school English teacher is frowning at that title right now; sorry Mrs. Borich. Bad grammar aside, it makes the point. In talking with agency principals all across the country, I have found many instances where agencies are hard to work with and don’t even realize it. This often results in lost sales, as prospects simply buy elsewhere. I’ve heard, “Well, that’s just the way we have always done it.” That doesn’t cut it in an industry where the customers have near unlimited ability to shop anywhere they want for your products. So, are you making…

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Market Research 101: Get To Know Your Industry

Pen on top of charts and graphs

By Jake Bissaro A successful part of any business, whether it’s an insurance agency or a car dealership, is gathering all the information you can about your industry. Trying to achieve commercial success without doing market research is like cooking a new dish without a recipe. To truly get to know your market, you’ve got to do more than look at your competitors’ websites every once in a while. Here are some simple ways to execute market research: Try surveys: With sites like SurveyMonkey, it has become very easy to put together a survey or questionnaire and get it out…

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Winter Email Marketing Topics

Letter with a snowflake on it

By Sarah Kundel The beginning of the year is a great time to kick off new marketing strategies for your business. One “resolution” you might want to make is to start an email marketing calendar. In case you’re not sure where to begin, I have put together a few ideas on what to include in a winter email calendar. Newsletters An email newsletter is an excellent way to share valuable information, agency updates, and fun tidbits with your clients on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. Think a newsletter is a great idea, but not sure what to write? If…

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