I Feel the Need…the Need for Leads

metal funnel with leads flowing through

By Mark Wolf In visiting with hundreds of independent insurance agencies across the nation, I can say one thing definitively: most of them want more leads. Agents often feel that if they only had more leads, everything will work out. They will make new sales, keep their commissions flowing, their spouse will stay happy, and life will be grand. With this in mind, the question becomes: what is a lead, how do I get one, and what do I do with it? Let’s expand expand our thinking about the “what, where, and how” concerning leads, as well as consider our…

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The Importance of Customer Feedback

Bubble of communication

By Jenna Miedzionoski As consumers, we constantly find ourselves rating and comparing products to identify which ones best serve our needs. How many times has a sales associate handed you a receipt with information on the back to participate in a “customer feedback survey?” Businesses know that customer feedback is important for sustaining business and growing. Not only is it important to know what your customers are thinking, both positive and negative, but acting upon the feedback will make all the difference. Insurance agents have many areas within the business that clients can give feedback on. From customer service, premium…

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4 Tips for Avoiding Spam Filters

Keyboard Spelling Email

By Sarah Kundel It can take a lot of time and effort to create an email. The last thing you want is for it to go to spam filters where none of your intended recipients will see it. Try using the tips listed below and hopefully your email will show up right in the inbox, where you want it. Create small, targeted email lists and content that applies to the recipients. One of most important parts of creating a good email campaign is creating a small, targeted recipient list. You want to make sure your email applies to everyone you are…

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Building Community Partnerships & the Impact on Your Brand

Several colorful hands in the air, one with a heart

By Kyle McKendall It’s no surprise word-of-mouth recommendations and referrals provide agencies with viable leads. Most people trust colleague, friend, and family member recommendations over a company’s marketing claim when purchasing products and services. Agency referral programs have proved to be extremely successful in gaining new leads, largely in part to the trust put behind personal recommendations. While having a referral program for your agency is a valuable tool to grow your book of business, building community partnerships will round out your referral strategy. Your agency has the opportunity to help local community organizations while benefiting from the positive recommendations…

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3 SEO Items You Shouldn’t Worry About

SEO under a magnifying glass with different paths to strategies

By Shawna Arnold It takes a well-rounded inbound marketing strategy to make your agency’s website and online marketing successful. While SEO is one part of the overall inbound marketing puzzle, it continues to serve as a focus and hot-button topic in the inbound community. If you’ve hired someone to handle the SEO portion of your inbound marketing strategy, or even if you’re handling it yourself, there are some things you shouldn’t have to worry too much about. 1. Keywords & Rankings While keyword research is still important, the direction of your SEO strategy shouldn’t focus entirely on keywords. You do…

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Make Going Viral Worth It

ALS Logo

By Mallory Moretti Ever get a really outstanding idea in your head and think to yourself, “I’m going to make this go viral!”? This is a common thought a lot of us have at one point or another, thinking it’s so easy to get something to go viral. But, how do you capitalize on those thoughts? Anyone who’s had success in making something go viral to spread awareness or recognition will tell you there are 3 key factors to really gaining traction under an idea and letting it take off. Those 3 starting points are: Coming up with a topic. Sure, you…

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Don’t Get Spooked! 10 Social Media Ideas For October

haunted house

By: Allie Viau Trying to plan out your social media calendar for October? We’ve put together a list of seasonal (and spooky!) post ideas to help you get started. Spend less time worrying about your agency’s social media activities and more time enjoying the many activities and traditions that October brings! Motivational Monday post idea: “Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Take the moment and make it perfect.” October is National Bake and Decorate Month. Does someone in your agency have a delicious recipe or dessert idea? Share it with your followers and ask them for their family’s favorites. To…

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What Great Football Teams & Great Insurance Marketing Have in Common

American football player celebrating score and victory.

It’s my favorite time of year: football season. Not this one or two goals a game silliness we saw in the World Cup (kidding, I actually like soccer). I’m talking about real football. And we are blessed with both the college and professional varieties that add so much color to fall weekends. Even a rookie football fan knows that great players don’t always make a great team. How the players work together is the greatest predictor of success. In a game where the goal is to score more points than the other guy, there are plenty of great analogies to…

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Insurance Search Seasonality: Mid-Year Check-In

Insurance Search Volume Mid-2014

By Shawna Arnold As discussed back in January, the search volume for insurance, as with all industries, ebbs and flows throughout the year. There is an element of seasonality that you must keep into account when you are analyzing your website data and determining the success of your inbound marketing strategies. Insurance search volume typically follows the same type of progression throughout the year. It ramps up toward the beginning of the year, has peaks and dips throughout the middle of the year, and then steadily declines through the end of the year. While it’s important to check on your…

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It’s Time To Go Trick-Or-Treating For Blog Topics


By: Allie Viau October is filled with ghost stories, witches, and other scary things; but planning your agency’s blog posts for the month doesn’t need to be scary! Let us come to the rescue with these seasonal blog topic ideas that can help your agency make the most of your blogging efforts this month. To prepare families in your community for a fun and safe Halloween, consider writing a blog or a blog series on Halloween safety precautions. For example, one blog can be about safe trick-or-treating tips, while another can offer tips for parents to follow about candy safety…

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