5 Lead Sources Your Agency Can’t Live Without

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By Mark Wolf My last blog was an introduction to a short series on an item of extreme interest to just about every agency in the nation: Leads. You can catch up on part one, here. We touched on what constitutes a lead, how do you get them, and what do you do once you are engaged with a lead. This is the second in the series discussing the first question: what really counts as a lead.  5 Types of Leads for Agencies to Pursue 1. SEO and Marketing Generated Prospects These days trying to thrive or even survive on referrals…

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What Link Building Can Do for Your Agency

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By Jake Bissaro When search engines like Google evaluate the quality of a website, they use links as part of their analysis. Links back to your website are like internet-age endorsements for your business; when other legitimate sites link back to a blog post or landing page on your website, it reflects well on your agency. If you think getting links could benefit your agency, but aren’t sure how to start, here are a few tips to get you started. Cultivate online partnerships – You only get what you give. Not only do you want to gain links back to…

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A Thanksgiving Feast of Blog Topics for November

Thanksgiving dinner on a table

By Davis VanOpdorp November is a month filled with great holidays and celebrations, and is also when the autumn cold really begins to set in. Your blog can be the guide that gets your readers through the seasonal change. Here are some blog topics you can use in November: The holiday that most people forget about is Election Day, one where everyone has to carve out a portion of their day to go vote. Provide techniques for when to show up and how one should prepare before stepping up to the voting booth. Raking is something we all hate to do,…

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3 Ways to Work with Difficult Customers


By Mallory Moretti In the world of customer service, there will be times when the results of conversations with the customer don’t end on a positive note. Whether it is an error on your end or just a truly unhappy person on the other end, it is always imperative to remember that sustaining a relationship with your customer is key. Regardless of their tone or what they may scream at you, it is your job to remain calm and take the conversation in with stride. That is why we have crafted three ways to help you with any of these unruly…

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Frightening Issues to Stop from Plaguing Your Website

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By Maya Johnson The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer, and spooky stuff still roams the interwebs as we get closer to Halloween. You may come across a website and cringe at the user experience, or maybe you visited a website and it is still not responsive for your mobile device. Can visitors count on your site to be safe and zombie-free? Here are some treatments to some of the tricky web issues that give users and search engines the heebiejeebies. Your site’s not optimized for different browsers. Whether you’re using Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or…

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Gobble ,Gobble, Gobble, Up These 15 Social Media Topics for November

Thanksgiving turkey dinner

By Davis VanOpdorp November is the biggest transition from autumn to winter. Here are topic ideas for your social media to help get you and your clients ready for winter: With Thanksgiving being the major holiday of the month, make your followers aware of kitchen perils to avoid and other homeowner liabilities when their houses get a little more crowded. On the topic of holidays, did you know that November 15-23 is National Hunger & Homeless Awareness Week? In the spirit of Thanksgiving, bring to light the growing issue of hunger, and provide information on local soup kitchens and homeless shelters where…

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You’re Giving Free Leads to Your Competition

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By Ron Mason “How,” you may ask yourself, “am I demonstrating such great generosity?” Chances are, you may not even realize your agency is doing this. In this three-part blog series, we’ll take you through the different ways you could be giving your leads away to your competition. Let’s start with your email marketing efforts. Your email marketing initiative is a newsletter Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with newsletters. The problem is that newsletters are largely impersonal (even if your email marketing vendor offers a merge function to insert recipient names). Consider adding more personal and relevant messaging…

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Back to Basics – Google Algorithm Updates

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By Shawna Arnold Google’s algorithm is their system that produces search results; it’s essentially the system that ranks websites. While you shouldn’t have to fear algorithm updates if you’re using the right SEO and inbound marketing practices, it can be beneficial to know the basics, especially if you handle your agency’s SEO strategy on your own. It’s important to make sure you’re always in line with what Google wants and what they dictate as best practice, as they currently hold 67% of the search engine market share. Google makes hundreds of improvements to search every single year. These include algorithm…

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Fall Email Marketing Topics


By Sarah Kundel Here at Astonish, we’re always providing you with fun social media ideas and great blog posts, but what about email templates? I’ve already given you some email basics and ways to avoid spam filters, but what if you don’t know where to start when it comes to content? Here are some appropriate topics which you could include in your fall email calendar. Charity Awareness Emails – Did you know that 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer during the course of her lifetime? If you didn’t, maybe you should consider a breast cancer awareness email during…

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Marketing & Sales: Creating a Dialogue in Your Agency

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By Kyle McKendall Marketing departments focus on developing and positioning an agency’s brand while sales departments are tasked with converting leads into customers. The level of discussion between the two teams varies from company to company and can be dependent upon many factors. However, when talking about independently owned insurance agencies, one thing is certain: the two must work together. Considering the limited resources that most agencies have, it’s especially important to eliminate any confusion of roles and responsibilities, including who is tasked with the different elements of the marketing and sales functions. To start, you must identify the different…

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