Auto Insurance Continues March Toward Centralized Distribution

Red car driving over pile of coins

By Ron Mason Last year saw the insurance industry continue its accelerated pace toward centralized distribution. Wal-Mart entered into a partnership agreement with to sell insurance online. The model started with only eight states, but has been highly successful and has now more than doubled to include 17 states. Admittedly, agency owners reading this blog will likely, and perhaps accurately, claim that the types of shoppers Wal-Mart attracts are not their ideal client profile. This made a similar move by Costco (partnership with Ameriprise) more worrying. Costco catered, even as far back as 20 years ago, to successful suburban…

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Google Has a Future in Car Insurance in the U.S.

Google Compare Car Insurance Comparison Screenshot

  By Shawna Arnold In 2012, Google debuted a program called Google Compare, which helps searchers comparison shop for car insurance coverage through Google searches. Today, the program also includes quoting for travel insurance, as well as credit card, mortgage, and banking comparisons. At the time of its release, Google Compare was only available in the U.K. According to a Forrester analyst and other industry sources, Google Compare (for auto insurance) could be coming to the U.S. during the first quarter of 2015. What Will Google Compare Mean for Searchers? When using, and searching for “auto insurance,” the search…

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February Social Topics for Which You Will Swoon

Woman Marking Valentine's Day on a Calendar

By Davis VanOpdorp February is the shortest month of the year, so make sure you take advantage of every day and utilize your social media accounts. Take a look at these social topics to get you started: Social media is the perfect form of communication to send Valentines! Come up with a creative card for partners, staff, and carriers that you can send through your social media accounts. Since it is Valentine’s Day, your followers are going to be looking for restaurants, flower shops, and places to find delicious chocolates. Take the opportunity to promote partners, clients, and other local…

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Do You Have Disengaged Employees?

Bored employees during a meeting

By Rob Washburn Did you know, research claims that 9 out of 10 employees are disengaged? Being disengaged can result in burnout, boredom, lateness, lackluster performance, and workplace conflict. Most of these employees are looking to do what needs to be done to accomplish the task and hand…and no more than that. However, disengaged employees are not necessarily poor employees. After speaking with many agency owners, they have the same problem. How can I get my employees working harder for my agency? Let’s start out simple and learn to identify a disengaged employee; then we can find ways to fix…

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February Blog Topics You Will Fall in Love With

Pink heart marking valentines day on calendar

By Davis VanOpdorp When love is in the air, people will love the material you have on your blogs if you know what to write about. Check out these blog topics from Astonish to get started! Many people like to break the bank when it comes to Valentine’s Day, but provide options for those who are unable to. Every expensive thing that your readers and their loved one get has insurance ramifications. Educate them on the homeowners and supplemental property coverage changes that are bound to come. Valentine’s Day is not just important for couples, but the restaurants and other…

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How To Market & Brand Your Agency When Opening A New Location

Map tacks

By Giana Campanale Have you decided to expand in an effort to keep up with your growing business? If you are adding a new location, you’re probably wondering how potential customers will find your new space. The most important step to new success is marketing and branding your agency correctly and aggressively. There are steps that you can take before you even open your new doors. Creating a blog post on your website is a way to drive attention to your new location. You can blog about the new location, where it will be located, and when it will be…

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3 Programs Your Agency Can’t Live Without

Light bulb with colorful application icons

By Mark Wolf If you follow our blog, then you know we have been discussing how to generate revenue by increasing leads, and even more about making more out of the leads you already have. We have discussed the typical bread and butter lead sources as well as some hidden gems, such as unsolds, which you should set up on some automated nurturing (just like you should for current clients) to have another shot at renewal time. Additionally, there is a lot you can do to affect your close rate, which can be the easiest way to increase your income without spending a lot of money…

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Inbound Marketing Resolutions for 2015

List of resolutions

By Shawna Arnold The beginning of a new year always comes with talk of creating (and sticking to) a new set of resolutions. Have you made any resolutions for yourself this year? How about for your agency? A great place to start for your agency is with your inbound marketing strategies. Is the agency doing everything it can to put itself in front of customers and prospects? If you aren’t sure, then it may be time to create some inbound marketing resolutions for your agency. Here are some ideas to get you started: Blog More Frequently and Thoughtfully Blogging is…

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Social Media Management Tips For the New Year

Social media networks tree

By Jake Bissaro Are you using the latest social media channels to their full advantage? When done well, social media can be a boon to your agency, but it can also detract from your success if mismanaged. If your agency has never taken your social media strategy seriously, the New Year is the perfect time to start! Here are some tips to help you post smarter: Think before you post: Something that’s seems totally harmless to you can sometimes be taken the wrong way by your audience. Before you share something, it’s important to consider what’s going on in the…

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Adapt Your Marketing Efforts to Grow

businessman and drawing of a strategy

By Kyle McKendall No one email campaign, Facebook post, or Twitter interaction will solve the problem. No marketing plan will be so successful that you continue to use it year after year. A quick solution to branding your business in an industry does not exist. Increasing sales year over year does not just happen. Sure the GEICO Gecko stuck, but he had a few billion dollars behind him and as we all know in the marketing world, money goes a long way. Building a brand takes time. You must be consistent with your message, but adapt it to the communication…

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