Our Company History

At Astonish Results ®, our passion is to empower this industry.

The Astonish Results ® office photoThe local insurance industry is faced with a unique challenge: Insurance sales strategies need to evolve. This challenge led us to develop a comprehensive insurance marketing and sales platform for local insurance agencies.

97% of consumers use online media when researching products or services in their local area.

More specifically, according to comScore

  • 85% of potential insurance consumers research policy offerings online before buying
  • 76% of customers get two or more quotes

We saw an opportunity for the local insurance agency to maximize their profitability through a combination of their traditional sales and marketing tactics and new marketing tactics that target the modern consumer.

While 85% of people research their insurance sales decisions online, 51% of policies will be bought through a local agency. With that in mind, Astonish Results ® developed an insurance marketing and sales platform that helps local agencies. By providing an optimized marketing presence, an automated system and the insurance training and guided coaching the local insurance industry needs to succeed, Astonish Results ® helps the local agency evolve and face challenges head on.

Our Solution For The Industry

Proven technology to power agency growth.

Moving the Needle
Astonish Results ®‘s goal has been to create an insurance marketing and sales platform that not only is efficient and effective for the objectives of the modern insurance agency, but was also something easy for them to use.

  • The local agency has unique needs: They don’t necessarily have the staff hours to dedicate the time it takes to build an inbound marketing pipeline. Astonish Results ® has provided a pipeline that hones in on the tactics that work for local insurance agencies and helps them complete those tasks and that strategy in an easy way for them to handle.
  • The modern consumer has unique needs: Astonish Results ® understands that marketing to the modern consumer is time-consuming, and takes a great deal of work. We have developed our platform to help.

Since 2007, Astonish Results ® has worked with the local insurance industry and developed a platform that meets the unique challenges the industry faces. Our insurance marketing and sales platform combines inbound marketing to drive traffic, with the system you need to manage and monitor your pipeline and convert business.

Our passion for this industry has led us to develop a support system that spans beyond that with a level of coaching through our client services and training team that provides solutions specifically for the local insurance agency.

Our Mission & Vision

We will help local insurance agency succeed by providing the industry’s best insurance marketing and sales platform.

At Astonish Results ®, our goal is improving how our system drives the 6 most important ROI levers for the local insurance agency.



New Opportunities



Team Performance

We’ve recognized that the local insurance agency has an increasing amount of pressure on it, caused by:

  • An increased push toward commoditized insurance
  • An increased demand to embrace insurance technology

This pressure is forcing the local insurance agency to re-evaluate their agency’s strategy.

How can the local insurance agency remain competitive and connect with the modern consumer?

Our insurance marketing and sales platform, combined with guided coaching and insurance sales training aims to help the local insurance industry remain successful and competitive. At Astonish Results ®, we strive to be the best friend of the local agent.

Our Culture

The work we do today helps secure local agency of tomorrow.

In order to ensure we have the industry’s best interest at heart, our company culture has a set of core values in which we take pride in.

At Astonish Results ®, everyone is on the same page: We are passionate about taking care of the local insurance industry. Our office is set up to pull the best work out of our employees, because it is our belief that when our employees’ needs are met, they are better able to service the needs of our clients.

Astonish BBQ
We are truly a team here. Our product lives in the world of technology. As you might imagine, that makes us a very progressive company. We are set up to be collaborative, innovative, vibrant, and fun.Here at Astonish Results ®, our employees:

  • Act with uncompromising honesty, integrity and professionalism.
  • Demonstrate an unwavering focus on providing a superior client experience and satisfaction.
  • Exude a maniacal focus on data, goals and metrics that drive accountability and execution.
  • Commit to building efficient, scalable systems through innovative technology and exceptional service.
  • Expect greatness. We are a smart, empowered team with inherent positive attitudes. Astonish Results ® employees are excited and energized by solving problems and persevering… all while having fun.

It’s our passion and commitment to the Astonish Results ® mission, our clients, and the local insurance industry that makes our company the great place it is.

Corporate Responsibility

The local insurance agent is a part of a noble profession – we aim to preserve that reputation.

It is our job to ensure that people’s “family business” does not go out of business. Or put another way, we insure their financial security.

Helping the local insurance industry learn how to reach consumers in a way that not only attracts them to their business but educates them on their unmet needs in order to increase their financial security is at the root of our corporate responsibility initiatives. With Astonish Results ®’s Selling the Online Customer seminars we are able to arm agents, and the industry as a whole, with the knowledge needed stabilize their agency.

Whether they choose to work with Astonish Results ® or not, we want to empower the local insurance agency to reach the modern consumer because we wholeheartedly believe that if the industry does not shift its marketing and sales process to address the online consumer, then we will see our industry shrink.

The loss of the local agency would be detrimental to American families. It will become tougher for Americans to obtain the knowledge they need to make an informed decision about their unmet needs that once met, will increase their financial security. At Astonish Results ®, we want to be sure that does not happen.

In addition to our work within our own industry, our employees are dedicated to giving back by participating in annual charity events like our annual coat and food drive during the holiday season.

Rhode Island Foodbank

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